Anchor system


The DESOI spiral anchor is a helically shaped stainless steel, which is used to repair cracked masonry. In brickwork, spiral anchors are used to limit crack width. DESOI Spiral Anchor Mortar is ideal for establishing a strong binding between spiral anchors and masonry. For qualified installation DESOI special tools are offered (AS170 Brick and Mortar Saw /Pointing technique).

DESOI Spiral Anchor installation
DESOI Spiral Anchor System, Cracks in the facade
DESOI Spiral Anchor System, Cracks near the window
DESOI Spiral Anchor System, Arch lintels
DESOI Spiral Anchor System, Cracks in masonry


  • Minimal penetration into the masonry
  • Can be used for nearly all types of masonry
  • The spiral anchor acts as a later inserted reinforcement
  • Durable bridging of existing cracks
  • No risk of corrosion
  • Can be used for slight moist crack flanks
  • Certified System
  • DESOI planning/recommendation service (terms of reference)

Examples of application

  • Crack repair in masonry
  • Crack repair of rendered facades
  • Anchoring of parts of masonry, consolidation of masonry
  • Preservation of monuments and historic buildings
Crack repair with the DESOI Spiral anchor system

Crack repair with the

DESOI Spiral Anchor system

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