Crack injection


Rigis sealing injection of cement suspension and cement paste is used to repair cracks in structural elements. The cracks are injected so that neither water nor rising damp can penetrate. The injection material forms a protection against the penetration of aggressive substances and prevents corrosion. Due to the rigid bonding of the crack sides, the load-bearing capacity of the structural elements is increased.

Types of packers

  • Steel packer
  • Polymer drive-in packer
  • Polymer adhesive packer
  • Polymer wedge packer

Demands on injection packer

  • The material of the packers must be appropriate to the injection material
  • Safe fixation in the structural element
  • Corrosion resistance of the parts remaining the structural element
  • Possibility to shut off the packers
  • Cross section adjusted to flow properties of injection material
  • No reduction of cross section
DESOI System quick snap
DESOI Crack Injection

Filling material to be used

  • Injection mortar
  • Cement paste
  • Cement suspension

Suitable objects

  • Residential and industrial buildings
  • Masonry
  • Historic buildings
  • Civil engineering
  • Civil engineering and canalisation
Mineral material

Mineral material

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