Crack injection


Reactive resins may consist of one or two components, which react chemically with one another. Initiators and accelerators are added as additional components.

Application of injection packers – Range of application

  • Dry and humid structural elements
  • Water bearing and pressurised water bearing cracks
  • Filling of hollows and voids
  • High-pressure injection into concrete structures
  • Maximum injection pressure: ⅓ of the nominal compressive strength of concrete to avoid damage to the structure of concrete

Demands on the injection packers

  • The material of the packers must be appropriate for the injection material
  • Safe fixation in the structural element
  • No cross-section reduction in the connection and packer system on injecting mineral materials
  • Corrosion resistance of the parts remaining in the structure
  • Possibility of shutting off
  • High pressure stability
Crack injection DESOI
DESOI Crack injection

Sealing of the crack surface

  • Sealing the crack surface prevents the filling material from escaping during the injection
  • Fix leakages with quick curing material
  • Provide deaeration - if vertical, at the highest point of crack
DESOI Injection packer steel
Polymeric filling material

Polymeric filling material (injection resin)

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