Masonry injection


With the curtain injection leaking structural elements covered with earth can subsequently sealed from the inside. Depending on the building material composition and pore structure, a continuous sealing layer in the structural element (masonry) is created. By injecting suitable materials such as low-viscosity gels or resins, the water transporting capillaries are sealed.

Injection packers

  • Packers (steel packer)
  • Drive-in packer (polymer packer)

Demand for the injection packer

  • Safe retention in the structural element during the injection at pressures depending on the Injection method
  • Corrosion resistance for elements remaining in the structural element
  • Shut off option
  • Cross section adjusted to the required delivery and flow properties of the injection material
  • Check valves with low opening pressure


  • The borehole pattern and borehole depth depend on the construction and geometry and are determined by the expert planners.
  • The structural element is not completely drilled, but as close as possible to the outside edge of the structural element.
  • Bore holes are drilled into the leaking structural element from the inside to the outside, up to approximately 2/3 of the thickness of the structural element, at a slight angle of inclination.
  • The packers are inserted into the bore holes and injected.

Applications for subsequent sealing

  • Curtain injection into the ground
  • Injection of joints
  • Injection of building spaces
  • The low-viscosity, liquid injection material displaces the water present, and builds an elastic seal or an elastic injection body together with the surrounding building.
DESOI Curtain injection
DESOI Curtain injection
DESOI Curtain injection

Suitable Objects

  • Houses and industrial buildings (cellars, basement floor)
  • Underground engineering and sewer construction (wastewater facilities, subway)
  • Hydraulic engineering (locks, chambers, inspection walkways)
  • Tunneling
Curtain injection and masonry injection

Curtain injection and masonry injection

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