Injection system


The range of applications for DESOI injection systems is wide and various - extending from mining to tunneling and on to underground construction. Our inflatable packers – single inflatable packers, double inflatable packers and 2K-inflatable packers – are used in a number of different areas where injection technology is applied: drilling, tunneling and underground construction are just a few. Of course we provide all the required equipment for inflation and deflation as well as the single inflatable packers, expansion hoses, double inflatable packers, double packers, hydraulic single packers, hydraulic double packers, hydraulic power plant, ring seal packers and sleeve pipes.

Our borehole seals with polymer lining are mainly used to secure boreholes or for backfilling. The clamping packer ensures fast and safe injection for all kinds of sealing work, e.g. in tunneling, while injecting either mineral or resin-based materials. Ram injection lances are particularly useful for shallow injection into easily-penetrated ground. Our sheet piling packer was designed for the injection behind sheet piles. Finally, our valve packers are ideal for horizontal and vertical waterproofing injection in soils that are resistant to ramming.