The rehabilitation of exposed masonry made of brick or natural stone requires often a renewal of the whole joints to prevent a further humidity of the wall.

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Material selection

The selection of the material is mainly determined by the existing material. Mortars are composed of mineral binders and admixtures if necessary, e.g.:

  • Lime mortar
  • Dolomitic lime mortar
  • Lime cement mortar
  • Roman cement mortar
  • Trass cement mortar

Note: Jointing mortar has to be machine-compatible.



Examples of application

  • Masonry joints
  • Floor joints
Naturstein verfugen

Application range

  • Restoration or renovation of masonry joints
  • Joint renovation / pointing of natural stones built in
  • Gun pointing for large joints widths and great joint depths
  • Deep-hole filling


  • Clean working ensured
  • Complete filling of joints
  • Delivery rate and speed adjustable
Pointing of masonry joints

Pointing of masonry joints

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Advice and order processing

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