Service - Injection technique

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS only available in German (recommendations)

As a service for civil engineers, architects and specialists, DESOI GmbH has provided technical specifications (recommendations) in different areas.

The technical certificates with relevant manufacturer’s certificates and brochures can be requested in a folder incl. CD only available in German  for a nominal charge of 20 Euro.

However, the technical certificates (recommendations) do not replace a careful property analysis by an expert planner. Moreover, the adaptation to the actual building is a precondition for the success of maintenance and restoration.

If necessary, we can recommend a reliable partner. Our know-how and contacts from our 35 years of experience are certainly advantages which you can use.

Terms of reference for planners and architects

Subject areas: only available in German

Masonry injection
General preliminary remark, masonry injection with acrylate gel or polyurethane ge


Curtain injection
Curtain injection with acrylate gel or polyurethane gel


Subsequent horizontal sealing
Multistage injection with silicone micro emulsion, injection with polyacrylate gel, injection with PUR injection resins, injection of alkali silicates


DESOI Spiral anchor system
General cracks in the front, connection of non-load bearing walls, request for planning documentation


DESOI Stocking for anchor system
Creation of tensile connections in masonry e.g. strengthening of single- and multi-wythe masonry


Anchor Plus W
Additional anchoring of borehole facings with load bearing walls


For foundation strengthening of a structure, basic information, explanation of the application / construction description


Ram injection lances
Injection into the building ground, description and methodology


Additional information
Injection hose system, load control unit