Spraying, conveying and filling

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Spraying, conveying and filling

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Fields of application

  • External sealing against pressing water in structural and civil engineering
  • Application of sealing slurries on the outside
  • Additional internal sealing e. g. of cellars
  • Surface protection, e. g. drinking water storage tanks
  • Restoration render system (according to WTA) after horizontal sealing

Filling material

  • Grouting mortar
  • Anchor mortar
  • Injection mortar
  • Levelling compounds
  • Sprayable materials
    • 1C / 2C waterproofing slurries
    • fine filler
    • lime-cement plaster
    • machine-applied plaster
    • porous base plaster
    • restoration plaster

Advantages and benefits

  • Different materials can be sprayed with one device
  • Good flexibility on site
  • High areal performance
  • Spray pattern can be influenced by: material quantity control, nozzle adjustment (spraying using overpressure or underpressure)
  • Even application of material is granted especially in the wall / floor area, external and internal corners
  • Maintenance and care of the conveying technology and spraying tools is carried out with little use of tools
  • Material quantity adjustable at the pointing head
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