Special solutions for your construction site needs

Injection packer according to your requirements

If you haven't quite found what you're looking for, we'll manufacture your individual product
• Different diameters, lengths and materials - with and without venting pipe
• Clamping rubbers in various Shore hardnesses
• The length and position of the clamping rubber can be freely selected depending on the requirements
• Equipped with or without a non-return valve
Here, too, you can choose from various connection systems.

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Special solutions for your construction site needs

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Special solutions for your construction site needs

Special construction - preventer with slider

The preventer with slider is used to seal a drill pipe with an outer Ø of 120 mm. It is designed for a pressure range of approx. 2 bar. The preventer is connected to a standpipe via a flange. The preventer slider serves as a lock.
We manufacture your individual product for you!


  • 2 expansion lines, one filling line and one venting line
  • Separate filling and venting line for the injection material
  • Filling and venting lines can be extended as desired by means of a connection thread
  • Secure placement of packer with extension tube in its place of use via the external thread G2"

Benefits of venting

  • Existing air in the cavity is allowed to escape
  • Users can ensure that the subsoil cavity is completely filled with material

Examples of use

  • Soil consolidation at different depths
  • Consolidation of loose material
  • Hardening of fissured bedrock
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