Injection and mixing devices

For a successful construction project, the injection method has to be adapted to the respective conditions, such as building fabric and materials. Therefore DESOI offers a wide range of injection equipment, mixing devices and accessories.

Injection device

Whether piston pump, screw pump or membrane pump - at DESOI you will find injection devices with different delivery principles and drive types. Compare the respective characteristics and discover the right product for your construction site.

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Mixing device

In order for the injection material to develop its full power together with the building structure, the right mixing device is necessary. Because only the ideal rotation and the suitable tool create the desired product properties during the mixing process.


Optimise the use of your injection device with the appropriate accessories. In addition to all attachment products, connecting elements and fittings, you will find the right product at DESOI for a smooth use of injection technology.

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Recording and documentation

DESOI w.i.l.m.a. provides with new developed technology that not only documents your injection processes but also actively monitors them. This control system is available in four different versions and ensures all processes of your injection technology. DESOI w.i.l.m.a. records the pressure, volume, time and deviation of the injection processes. To ensure that no unacceptable deviations occur during the injection, limited values for mixing ratio, pressure and volume can be defined in advance. If these values are exceeded, the entire plant is switched off or a message appears on the display.
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