Masonry injection

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Masonry injection

With the masonry injection leaking structural elements covered with earth can subsequently be sealed from the inside. Depending on the building material composition and pore structure, a continuous sealing layer in the structural element (masonry) is created. By injecting suitable materials such as low-viscosity gels or resins, the water transporting capillaries are sealed.

Schleier- und Flächeninjektion
Curtain and masonry injection

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Application aim

  • Sealing of structures in contact with the ground or inundated with the ground from the inside out
  • Subsequent sealing of element walls
  • Filling of cavities and cracks (special proof of suitability required)
  • Subsequent sealing of leaking expansion joints
  • Subsequent injection of expansion joints between joint tape and water-resistant component surface

Filling material

  • Acrylate gel

Demands on the injection packers

  • Safe retention in the structural element during the injection at pressures depending on the injection method
  • Corrosion resistance of elements remaining in the structural element
  • Absperrmöglichkeit
  • Shut off option
  • Cross section adjusted to the required delivery and flow properties of the injection material
  • Check valves for low opening pressure

Demands on injection devices

  • Forced delivery of the components at reliably adjustable mixing ratios
  • Powerful mixing head with check valves and cut off cocks
  • Mixing line suitable for the injection material
  • Separate high-pressure rinsing pump
  • Measurement technology for monitoring and documentation of injection and dosing processes - DESOI Flow Control II, (please request consultation and brochure!)

DESOI Flächeninjektion

Masonry injection in the building component

  • The sealing layer is created in structural parts which initially have not been planned to be sealed
  • The water transporting capillaries are sealed

Masonry injection in cavities

  • The sealing layer is created in technologically conditioned parting planes, e. g. in cavities between double walls

Crack injection and injection of hollows

  • Very often partial crack injections and injections of limited hollows have to be carried out, e. g. raster injection


  • Boreholes are drilled into the leaking structural element from the inside to the outside, up to approx. of the thickness of the structural element, at a slight angle of inclination
  • The borehole pattern depends on the geometry of the structure
  • The packers through which the injection material is injected are placed in the boreholes
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