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B-Joint ®

Flexible hose profile for joint sealing

 B-JOINT ® is another version of the proven DESOI Quick Seal. This variant is a profile hose and does not require a terminal strip. It is flexible and adapts perfectly to unevenness. It's tightened with an air filling needle so that there's no need to tighten it with nuts. The subsequent injection takes place via the joint injection needle. The B-JOINT ® can be processed in any length and is suitable for joint widths of 20 to 30 mm.


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Minimal invasivE - maximal Effective


  • No drilling: Time-saving and safe assembly - no edge chipping
  • No formwork: simple, fast installation
  • Universally applicable - suitable for all joints
  • Reusable

  Filling materials

  • Acrylic gel
  • Polyurethane resin

  Typical areas of application

  • Pedestrian subways
  • Utility ducts
  • Inspection walkways in hydraulic structures or bridges
  • Cut and cover tunnels


  • Place the B-JOINT ® in the cutting device and cut to the desired length
  • Pre-treat the profile caps and the inner sides of the profile with Plastic-Cleaner and dry briefly
  • Carefully apply the contact adhesive to the prepared areas of the profile caps, insert the profile caps and press on - allow to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.


  • Insert the B-JOINT ® into the structure, starting from the side
  • Screw the air filling needle (2) with the cordless screwdriver (and socket wrench no. 25011) into the B-JOINT ® and screw on the pan head nipple with cross slider
  • Pretension the B-JOINT ® with the air gun (no. 20889) and align it in the joint. Tighten firmly by applying further air (max. 3 bar).
  • Do not pull the air filler needle (3)!


  • Turn the joint injection needle (3) at a distance of 0.5 metres with the cordless screwdriver (and socket wrench no. 25014) through the tensioned B-JOINT ®
  • Start low pressure injection


  • After the filling material has cured, open the cross slide of the air filling needle and thereby release the air pressure
  • Remove the B-JOINT ®, if necessary use the pulling nut (no. 25112)
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