Steck-O connection system

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Steck-O connection system

The Steck-O connection system is used to connect injection devices, mixing heads, hoses, etc. without the use of threaded or flanged fittings. The system can be used in the high and low pressure range.

The standard range includes different versions of the connections in the nominal diameters DN10 and DN13.

Individual thread sizes are available on request.
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Steck-O Connection system 

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In the easy-to-install Steck-O system, the threadless connection is held together by an U-safety clip. The screw-on nipple Steck-O has the seal and a groove for the clip. It is inserted into the screw-in coupling Steck-O and fixed by the clip. The result is a safe connection for high-performance applications and is just as easy to disassemble as it is to assemble.


  • High working pressures & flow rates
  • Easy assembly & disassembly
  • Safe connection
  • Reduction of twists in the hose


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