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DESOI tendo

Low tension force regulators - devices for holding tensile
loads at a constant level

DESOI tendo low tension controller is a device for the controlled controlled adjustment and regulation of suspension loads in wire plaster vaults in wire plaster vaults. A frequently occurring problem here is uneven load distribution on the hangers of the vault. For various reasons, some hangers come loose, causing their loads to be transferred to other hangers. This can lead to an increased load concentration on individual hangers and thus to damage to the vault. The reasons for these load redistributions are dynamic and physical stresses, such as road traffic or moisture and temperature expansion. In addition, strong load redistributions can already occur during the construction of the vault. To avoid this, the installation of DESOI tendo small tension force regulators is a possible solution. The can reduce the load redistribution caused by the external stresses and thus enable a load transfer that is adapted to the supporting structure. adapted to the supporting structure.
DESOI tendo
DESOI tendo

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The various low clamping force regulators were specially developed for load regulation of components in a certain elongation range (up to 500 N), e.g. for use on suspensions of wire plaster vaults and ceilings. The load is infinitely adjustable in this strain range and can be kept at an almost constant level. The small clamping force regulators are available in different designs and can be customised to the respective application and the object-specific conditions and object-specific conditions. They are available with and without an additional turnbuckle and with a simple scale display for reading the clamping force. As all parts are made of stainless steel, a long service life is guaranteed. is guaranteed. Suitability tests are necessary for object-specific customisation.


  • Suitable for di erent types of construction
  • Easy to read the tension on an analogue scale
  • Small and compact size
  • Environmentally friendly, because no electricity is required for its function or the scale
  • Also suitable for subsequent interior installations

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