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Double rotary head

The DESOI double rotary head is used in drilling operations such as the construction of geothermal energy installations. The newly-designed seal and the ability to readjust the seal tension from outside have drastically reduced the operational downtime. One important benefit is the economic efficiency with which the bore hole is driven. The Double rotary head allows both the drill string and the casing pipe to enter the drill hole simultaneously. The drill string can be inserted into the casing pipe an additional 200 mm. The borehole cuttings or mud is brought to the surface in the annulus between the drill string and casing pipe. The side-mounted hose connector on the twin casing head feeds the borehole cuttings into a hose which carries it to a container.

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The ejection manifold with internal wear plate, including a bracket for the attachment to a container, is an accessory for the twin casing head which conducts borehole cuttings into the waste container. The ejection manifold can be connected directly to the twin casing head via a connector piece. The internal wear plate serves to protect the manifold wall from the borehole cuttings, greatly increasing its useful lifetime. The plate can be easily replaced.


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