Curtain- & Masonry injection

Sealing by gelation, e. g. curtain or surface injection, is a highly effective alternative for the subsequent sealing of engineering and traffic structures as well as for buildings in building and residential construction. A prerequisite for successful subsequent sealing is knowledge of the cause of the moisture damage that has occurred.

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A subsequent sealing method proven in practice in tunnelling, for civil engineering structures, houses and industrial buildings, parking garages, civil engineering and canal canalisation and hydraulic engineering. The masonry injection with acrylate gel (hydro structure resin) provides a sealing from the inside of ground contact in structures or structures covered with earth as well as the filling of leaking areas such as cracks, voids, hollows and joints. Suitable injection technology and injection packers and a restructuring plan issued by planners ensure the success of structural waterproofing.

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With the masonry injection leaking structural elements covered with earth can subsequently be sealed from the inside. Depending on the building material composition and pore structure, a continuous sealing layer in the structural element (masonry) is created. By injecting suitable materials such as low-viscosity gels or resins, the water transporting capillaries are sealed.
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