DESOI Spiral Anchor System

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DESOI Spiral Anchor System

The rehabilitation of masonry requires comprehensive knowledge of the basic structure to be preserved or modified. For the consolidation of masonry the structural engineers expert knowledge of existing stress and stress release methods is needed. Wherever a frictional connection of the crack edges has be created the DESOI Spiral Anchor System is the ideal solution. The DESOI Spiral Anchor System is a certified combined system of the DESOI Spiral Anchor and the DESOI Spiral Anchor Mortar. For qualified installation of the spiral anchors DESOI special tools are offered. On-site instruction can be arranged.

Rissinstandsetzung mit dem DESOI Spiralankersystem

Crack repair with the
DESOI Spiral Anchor system

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Advantages and benefits

  • Minimal penetration into the masonry
  • Can be used for nearly all types of masonry
  • The spiral anchor acts like a retrospective inserted spring
  • Durable bridging of existing cracks
  • No risk of corrosion
  • Can be used for slight moist crack flanks
  • Certified System

Range of application

  • Cracks in facades and in the area of openings
  • Cracks in the area of lintels and arched lintels
  • Connection/anchoring of wall shells/cavity walls

Examples of application

  • Repair of cracks in masonry
  • Repair of cracks in plastered facades
  • Anchoring and needling of masonry parts
  • Objects in the monument conservation area

General recommendations for the installation

(technical specifications: cracks in the facade, general)

  • Cut the horizontal joint to a depth of 30 mm acc. to the drawing or the object data sheet, e. g. using the AS175 Brick and Mortar Saw.
  • The width of the joint should allow the complete embedding of the DESOI Spiral Anchor in the spiral anchor mortar
  • Clean out (exhaust) and wet the joints / slots
  • Using a pointing gun inject a bead (approx. 20 mm thick) of DESOI Spiral Anchor Mortar to the back of the slot / joint
  • Embed the spiral anchor in the spiral anchor mortar
  • For exposed masonry: Fill the joint with spiral anchor mortar but stop approx. 20 mm from the face of masonry. Use mortar matching the colour and material of the exposed masonry to repoint the remaining 10 mm
  • If the masonry will be plastered fill / point the joint completely with spiral anchor mortar

Examples of application

Cracks in masonry

Cracks in the area of openings

Cracks in masonry choring e. g. of natural stone facing

Cracks in the area of lintels and arches

Instructions for installation

  • The anchorage lengths of the spiral anchors are, for example, dependent on the nominal diameter
  • The anchoring length should be approx. 500 mm on both sides of the crack
  • Do not place the spiral anchors one above the other in a line, i. e. the spiral anchors 100 mm offset, e. g. 450 mm or 550 mm from crack
  • An object data sheet should be part of the planning documents (only in german available)

Brick and Mortar Saw

The AS175 Brick and Mortar Saw offers extraordi-nary control and precision and allows efficient and low dust cutting up to a cutting depth of 170 mm (with the XL blades). This makes the AS175 Brick and Mortar Saw the ideal cutting tool for various applications, e. g.
  • Cutting of joints / slots for DESOI Spiral Anchors
  • Rehabilitation of facades
  • Masonry repairs
  • Removal of jointing mortar
  • Removal of single bricks
  • Preservation and restoration of monuments and historical buildings


  • Square cuts to a depth of 120 mm without cutting into the surrounding masonry (no over-cutting)
  • The unique and controllable cutting stroke prevents the saw from kickbacks and minimizes the accident hazard
  • Cuts directly into flush walls, no pre-cutting with the jigsaw
  • Dry cutting, nearly dust free
  • Precision cutting and optimal visibility due to the unique positioning of the blade
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