Blind packer

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Blind packer - the economical alternative to sleeves, plugs etc.

Fast and safe sealing of boreholes, anchor and pipe penetrations. Blind packers seal against water, dirt, vermin, etc. They are clamped in the round openings with a socket wrench via the tightening nut; overhead installation in ceilings is also uncomplicated.
Blind packer

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  • Blind packers/End seals are used for the fast and safe sealing of round openings, e. g. boreholes, etc. They seal against water, debris, vermin, etc.
  • The blind packers up to Ø14 mm are used, for example, in the case of incorrect drillings in the injection
  • The blind packers are clamped in the openings with a socket wrench via the tightening nut
  • The blind packers are available in different lengths and diameters and can also be manufactured according to customer requirements
Abdichten des Bohrloches nach Einbringen eines Ankers


is the blind packer stainless steel LM - the rubber quality recipe is suitable for contact with aqueous food (e. g. drinking water containers)! This blind packer is available in diameters of 22 and 25 mm.

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