Injection method for homogeneous masonry

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Injection method for homogeneous masonry

The selected injection material is injected into the component by means of continuous pressure (3 – 5 bar), which is adjusted to the component, via bore packers. It is important that the injection material is distributed relatively evenly in order to ensure that an effective zone is formed. The injection pressure should therefore be maintained over a longer period of time (e. g. several minutes per packer), depending on the component conditions.
Horizontal sealing / Horizontal barriers
Subsequent injection against capillary ascending moisture

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Filling materials and execution for the injection of

Injection into Homogenous Masonry

  • Injection of the micro emulsion (step 2)
    • Creation of the horizontal seal above the pressure and water line

Filling Materials and Process of Injecting Homogenous Brick Masonry with Low Alkalinity and Moisture Content above 80 %

  • Injection of the micro emulsion (Wet-on-Wet Technique – step 2) – Creation of the horizontal seal
  • Injection of the activator to initiate hardening of the micro emulsion (step 3)

Filling Materials

  • Silicone and micro emulsion
  • Silification solution
  • Siloxane-based injection fluid
  • Acrylate gel


  • Strengthening and stabilization of masonry walls in the injection area
  • Less equipment and fittings required, ie. drill bits and packers
  • Less work required per linear meter

Advantages – Acrylate Gel

  • Works as soon as the chemical reaction finishes

Types of Packers

  • Bore packers (steel)
  • Drive-in packers (polymer)
1. Mark the positions of holes every 10 to 12.5 cm (4 to 5 inches) for a single row of drill holes. For a multi-row chain of drill holes a linear separation of approximately 8 cm (3.3 inches) is recommended. The optimal distance between drill holes depends on the absorptive capacity of the masonry. Then drill your holes, insert at least one horizontal joint and remove the dust.

2. Hammer in the lamella packer with the mounting tool.
One advantage of using the parts with the numbers 31710 and 37753 is that it is not necessary to remove the packer after injecting. The packer can remain in the masonry so that it is possible to plaster the wall immediately.
3. Injecting and closing up
•    Start the injection pump in accordance with instruction manual
•    Inject the holes with a pressure of between 2 and 5 bar, depending on masonry
•    Knock off the packers or remove them
•    Seal drill holes
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