The DESOI Cleaning Adapter protects the inside of the high-quality anilox sleeves against damages caused by the cleaning agent. By inflating the hose, the solvent-resistant flat seals in the two plastic covers are pressed firmly against the sides of the anilox sleeves. After the cleaning procedure, the DESOI Cleaning Adapter can be removed and reused.

Anilox sleeves are the heart of flexographic printing. These high-precision coated sleeves transfer a certain amount of ink from a tank to the printing plate via their surface. Due to impurities on the surface (e.g. dried ink), only an uneven film of ink is transferred to the printing plate and thus the quality of the printing result is severely limited. Anilox sleeves with dried ink on the surface are washed with high pressure in cleaning systems. This is where the DESOI cleaning adapter comes into play.
DESOI Cleaning Adapter for Anilox Sleeves
DESOI Cleaning Adapter for Anilox Sleeves

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  • Easy mounting without tools
  • Safe sealing
  • When inserting the cleaning adapter, the guide discs protect the inside of the Anilox-Sleeves against damages
  • Repeatability of the optimal contact force
  • Reusable

Applications in the printing industry e.g.

  • Flexo printing
  • Gravure printing
  • Reel-fed offset printing
DESOI Reinigunsadapter für Anilox-Sleeves

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