Cleaning Adapter

When cleaning the high-precision coated anilox sleeves, there is a risk that aggressive cleaning agents will attack the sensitive insides of the sleeves. Our cleaning adapter reliably seals the sleeves. Filling the inflation hose with compressed air creates the contact pressure of the sealing caps - nothing touches the inside of the sleeves. After depressurising the inflation hose, the cleaning adapter is ready for the next use.
DESOI Reinigunsadapter für Anilox-Sleeves
Reinigungsadapter Zeichnung

Accessories - Filling gun

with rubberised nozzle
(Attention: Limit the maximum filling pressure to 3 bar!)
No.: 500-06-696

with rubberised nozzle and pressure controller 0.1 – 3.5 bar
No.: 500-06-697

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