The History DESOI GmbH - Milestone

1979 | Founding
The company was founded by Siegfried Desoi (master of turning)
1982 | Opening of the turning shop
Opening of the turning shop and employment of the first apprentice.
First production of injection packers for concrete crack repair. By the way: The legendary steel packer with the item number 20091 is still in the product range.
Own development and manufacturing of the first injection machine - the pedal controlled reciprocating pump PED-12
1983 | Shipping to foreign countries
First production for foreign countries: Special plastic packers supplied to Saudi Arabia
1985 | location setup
Building of a machine and assembly hall with offices on an area of ​​approximately 300 m²; Number of employees: 10
1988 | DESOI GmbH
Registration in the Commercial Register under the name "DESOI GmbH"
1991 | First patent
First patent application: The DESOI wet-on-wet method
1992 | First expert seminars
Start of knowledge transfer to customers in form of specific target group expert seminars, which still continue today. Knowledge in both theory and practice are provided in the range of injection technique.
1993 | Increasing the production area
Increasing the production area to ca. 2500 m²
1999 | DESOI online
DESOI goes "ONLINE" for the first time
2003 | DESOI E-Commerce
Opening of DESOI online shops
2004 | 25th anniversary;
25th anniversary; DESOI is now one of the leading manufacturers in the range of injection technique
2005 | Entering of Mr. Michael Engels to the management
 Entering of Mr. Michael Engels to the management;
Introduction of a corporate design; Protection of the name DESOI as word/picture trademark in over 25 countries
New services for civil engineers, architects, and specialists: DESOI presents technical specifications (recommendations) up-to-date in the range of crack injection, curtain injection and masonry injection, subsequent horizontal sealing and restoration with the DESOI spiral anchor system.
2010 | Expansion
 Further international expansion
1. International Partner meeting with distributors from 10 countries
2012 | Expansion of the machinery
Expansion of the machinery: Start up of an innovative milling machine
2013 | new company building
Official inauguration of a new company building with offices, assembly department, high rack storage and server room on more than 1000 m²
2014 | Ownership handover
Ownership handover of Siegfried Desoi to son Martin Desoi
2015 | Hessen Export Award
DESOI wins the renowned Hessian export price for its special international focus and the successful processing of international markets.
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