For 40 years now, we have been focusing on our products and you as our customer with your concerns and wishes. Our new catalogue is tailored precisely to these requirements and is also intended to serve as a reference book for your injection success.

The concept of the catalogue has been completely revised and includes the following innovations:

Technical information

As a manufacturer with a long tradition, we would like to make our experience accessible to you and have therefore provided you with useful product and application information.

Products sorted by application

To ensure that our catalogue also passes the practical test, the products are assigned to specific applications. So if you are looking directly for the problem, you will find help in the form of an information page, the respective product, the machines for injection and the appropriate accessories.

Injection devices in a set

To ensure that you always know exactly what you need, all machines are grouped together with the appropriate accessories starting with the ninth chapter. In concrete terms, our sets provide information about the machine, the suitable material hose, the mixing head or the injection gun.

Individual product pages

Last but not least, our injection and mixing equipment will be presented once again. If you could have a look at the complete application cases at the beginning, the product pages give you an insight into all details of the devices.

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DESOI Ausgabe 15 - Deutsch/Englisch
Catalog 15 - German/English 

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