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Petra Krack-Sippel

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Petra Krack-Sippel

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Subject 1

Horizontal sealing against capillary rising damp

  • Causes and consequences of exposure to moisture
  • Damage analysis on the building
  • Methods of horizontal sealing
  • Working steps of horizontal sealing
  • Injection technology
  • WTA leaflets for horizontal sealing

Curtain and masonry injection

  • Application of curtain and masonry injection
  • Sealing in the component
  • Sealing behind or under the component
  • Technology for the individual processes
  • Object images from the curtain injection
  • Subsequent sealing
  • Examples of use of leaky expansion joints
  • Current status: Regulations Requirements for compliance with WHG, soil and environmental protection

subject 2

Crack injection and subsequent sealing in the wall/base area

  • Aims of application of crack repair
  • Method for crack repair
  • Materials for crack injection and fields of application
  • Determine the causes of crack formation in the structure
  • Crack injection technique
  • Crack injection in practice Subsequent sealing in the wall/base area
  • Examples of use
  • The most important parts for crack injection from the ZTV-ING and the Rili-SIB (DAfStb)

Repair with the DESOI spiral anchor system

  • Application and components of the Spiral Anchor System
  • Extract from the test certificate MPA-Braunschweig and the test report MFPA-Leipzig
  • Determine the causes of crack formation in the structure
  • Repair of cracks in masonry
  • Anchoring / Needling

DESOI Anchor stocking systems

  • Application and elements
  • Connection of detached masonry shells
  • Securing and needling of single and multi-layered masonry
  • Securing of cracked components of historical masonry structures
  • Application possibilities
  • Recommendation service description

For subsequent anchoring of facing brick shells with the Spiral Anchor System Anker Plus W

  • Anchoring of facing masonry shells with the supporting shell
  • Field of application
  • System properties
  • Construction description and explanation of application
  • Recommendation service description
  • Quality assurance and quality control
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