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DESOI Quick Seal + DESOI Quick Seal E

Leaky joints can be repaired with the right renovation. In order to carry out both joint renovation and re-sealing in a minimally invasive and targeted manner, DESOI offers different systems/products for various application procedures. These systems are used to reliably seal expansion, construction and movement joints. A reliable joint renovation or sealing of waterproof concrete structures is thus guaranteed.

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Subsequent joint sealing

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  • No drilling: Time saving and safe installation – no edge chipping
  • No formwork: simple, fast installation
  • Universally applicable – suitable for all joints
  • Reusable (only with acrylate gel)

Typical areas of application

  • Pedestrian underpasses
  • Utility ducts
  • Inspection walkways in hydraulic structures or bridges
  • Cut-and-cover tunnels

Filling material

  • Acrylate gel (AY)
  • Polyurethane resin (PUR)

The following systems / Products are available for joint rehabilitation

  1. DESOI Quick Seal in connection with the rectangular steel packer
    for joint widths from 18 – 26 mm
  2. DESOI Quick Seal E
    for joint widths from 26 – 51 mm

1. DESOI Quick Seal + rectangular steel packer

DESOI Quick Seal
The flexible, 7-segment sealing and injection profile is inserted in the expansion joint, clamped, and injected with an elastic filling material. The sealing and injection profile is separable and appropriate for joint widths between 18 and 26 mm.
Rectangular steel packer
The rectangular steel packer is used between the waterproofing and injection profiles or at the beginning and end of the joint.
The packer is tensioned via the hexagon nut or the quick acting butterfly nut.

Rectangular steel packer (Gel pan head nipple or with quick acting butterfly)


The rectangular steel packer is used for the gaps that may result from the differences between joint lengths / segment lengths

Mounting example


  • Clean joint with water and remove remaining dirt with compressed air
  • Pre-wet joint
  • Apply protective film on DESOI Quick Seal (silicone spray no. 13560)


  • Insert the first segment of the DESOI Quick Seal into the leaking joint and tighten the tightening nuts as well as the tightening and injection tube with the tighten the cordless screwdriver (socket wrench no. 25014)
  • Seal profile is elastically pressed together and fixed in the joint
  • Proceed in the same way with the other segments
  • Install all segments, screw pan head nipple M6 onto the tightening and injection pipes
  • Close any gaps using the rectangular steel packers -insert into the joint and fix in place

Injection / Underpress

  • Start pressure injection


  • After the filler has cured, remove the sealing and injection profiles and any rectangular steel packers used

Application of the protective film with silicone spray

Set DESOI Quick Seal, starting with the rectangular steel packer

Clamp DESOI Quick Seal over the tightening nut

View DESOI Quick Seal in a joint

After the filling material has cured, simply remove DESOI Quick Seal

Successful injection of the joint

2. DESOI Quick Seal E

The DESOI Quick Seal E is of the identical construction as the DESOI Quick Seal, but consists only one segment.
It is suitable for joint widths from 26 to 51 mm.
The sealing and injection profile is available in lengths of 140 and 380 mm.


DESOI Quick Seal E - Sealing and injection profile
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