Double rotary head

The DESOI Double rotary head is used in drilling operations such as the construction of geothermal energy installations. The newly-designed seal and the ability to readjust the seal tension from outside have drastically reduced the operational downtime. One important benefit is the economic efficiency with which the bore hole is driven. The Double rotary head allows both the drill string and the casing pipe to enter the drill hole simultaneously. The drill string can be inserted into the casing pipe an additional 200 mm. The borehole cuttings or mud is brought to the surface in the annulus between the drill string and casing pipe. The side-mounted hose connector on the twin casing head feeds the borehole cuttings into a hose which carries it to a container.

DESOI Twin casing head
Double rotary head

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  • Significantly longer operating time thanks to superior seals and properly-formed seal seats
  • Seal tension can be adjusted from outside
  • All seal seats can be lubricated from outside
  • Hardened wear bushings at top and bottom of casing head
  • Hardened bearing surface for shaft seal
  • Simultaneous driving of drill string and casing pipe
  • Reduced operational downtime
  • Drives the bore hole efficiently using only a single power unit

Technical data

  • Casing pipe outer diameter Ø 95 mm with a bore hole diameter of Ø 52,5 mm
  • Possible connection sizes for casing pipe in the following diameters: 146 mm, 152 mm, 159 mm, 162 mm, 178 mm, 219 mm, additional sizes on request
  • Saver sub with optional trapezoidal taper thread Ø 95 mm (eg. Nordmeyer) or API 2 3/80 axial displacement of 200 mm
  • Connection for borehole cuttings removal DN 100
  • Height/Width/Length (mm) 1870 x 460 x 750
  • Weight approx. 435 kg
DESOI Doppelrotorkopf
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