Hydraulic packer

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Mountain injection with hydraulic packers

Hydraulic single packers are used for injections in nearly all fields of drilling, tunnelling, water engineering, and special civil engineering. These injections usually serve for improving the mechanic properties of the ground, e. g. stabilisation, filling, waterproofing. The hydraulic packers are also used in the field of measuring technology for test injections, water pressure tests, geologic explorations in boreholes.

The hydraulic double packer can be easily inserted into sleeve pipes. When clamped, the hydraulic double packer seals reliably. The simple and safe application allows effective injections.

Bodeninjektion mit Blaehpacker, Hydraulik, Bohrlochverschluss

Ground injection
Inflatable packers, Hydraulic packers, Borehole sealing

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Examples of application

  • Consolidation of ground at different depths
  • Consolidation of unconsolidated material
  • Consolidation of fissured solid rock
  • Injections into structural elements
  • Injections into the soil below building components
  • Sealing work
  • Lifting injections


  • Easy clamping
  • Reusable
  • Easy and safe sealing
  • Can be used at different depths
  • All parts are easily exchangeable and available as spare parts

Hydraulic single packer

Hydraulic double packer

Ram sleeve tube

In floors without rock layers, ram injection lances can be driven in wihout a previously required bore. Protective sleeves over the regular outlet openings prevent damage to the rubber sleeves during ramming. In this method, the sleeves are started up and injected via the double hydraulic inflatable packer or the double inflatable packer. The simple handling and the low machine use at medium depths combine the advantages of both systems.
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