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DESOI - 40 years

Developing brand-new solutions quickly and reliably is DESOI's specialty. The world leader in injection and industrial technology has prided itself on coming up with innovative and practical ideas for 40 years - with great success. We develop customer-specific products custom-made to solve realworld problems. Our broad base of experience with a wide range of applications allows us to provide our customers with the solution they need to get to market competitively.
We attach utmost importance to trust and confidence in our working relationships. Our experience and technical know-how allow us to support you as a solver of problems and as a manufacturer, from the initial idea for a prototype to quality-assured serial production. We hope you'll take the time to get to know us and our product range better.


The Idea

Design and Production


Service and Usage


We take our role as the world's leading producer of injection and industrial technology seriously. That's why we manufacture both serially-produced products and custom-made parts in our own plant. For our successful realization of new production solutions DESOI has been awarded a number of innovation prizes.

High Quality

Your success is our motivation. This has been our family-run company's mission for its entire 40-year history. In order to guarantee the high level of quality we've managed to achieve we invest intensively in our 90 employees - both in our family-style company culture and in regular training for our technical and administrative staff. DESOI's outstanding level of quality has been officially recognized, and certified, not least in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.


As a specialist for injection and industrial technology, DESOI has a wide range of products and technologies that provide the right solution for any industry. We produce custom parts, prototypes, and serial parts in our modern, high-performance CNC machine shop. Our quality never disappoints. And that's why our cooperation partners from over 22 countries appreciate us. We are also going into ever more depth in a number of related industries - such as in the area of injection technology where we are rapidly increasing our knowledge and range of construction chemicals.


We keep the future in mind and so are committeed to doing what we can to protect the environment by minimizing the use of raw materials and energy. We use modern technology and innovation to limit our consumption of resources. When you work with DESOI you are automatically provided our licensing for the return and recycling of transport packaging.


Starting with the idea for a prototype and following through with the production of custom parts and serial manufacture, DESOI can support you every step of the way. Our customers benefit from our expertise that knows each step of the process from decades of experience. Not to mention the fact that our product designers are directly available during the manufacturing process in case any adjustments or improvements are required.


DESOI is specialized in industries with unique requirements. We often work on niche products that present particular technical challenges. Our welltrained staff is available to guarantee you the optimal implementation of our products in your company.


DESOI is your expert at hand to support you and guarantee the success of your project. Our application technicians provide their experience and knowledge on-site with the right injection technology and technical instruction. The greatest benefit for our customers: they save valuable time. As a customer-oriented family-operated company, we put a lot of emphasis on communication and training - which is why DESOI offers instruction in the form of both practical demonstrations and online presentations. You can also arrange seminars on our premises in Mittelkalbach or at your own headquarters if desired.


In addition to our innovativeness and production capabilities, we provide our customers with the maintenance and repair of injection equipment, even for equipment from third-party manufacturers. Our trained personnel carry out repairs quickly and to your complete satisfaction. Our support is further available with a phone call to help you handle disruptions or to help talk you through your own repairs.

Injection equipment for rent

Do you have an unusual job that you need an injection pump for, or do you have a big project that you could get done faster with additional equipment? Are you exploring the field of injection and want to try it out? Then lease a machine from DESOI. We'll be delighted to share the benefit of our experience with you and recommend a device suitable to your needs.


Replacement injection equipment

Time is short and the injection device isn't working right? We'll deliver a suitable replacement to you fast to guarantee your ability to get the job done. Since we produce all our equipment and parts ourselves we always have replacements in stock.


Customs clearance

Our products are in operation in over 90 countries. We have had plenty of experience dealing with customs clearance and are happy to help
you with your order. Just give us a call or send us a mail.


Guaranteed delivery

DESOI guarantees you a fast and trouble-free delivery of all products you order from us. Orders received by 4:00 PM are guaranteed to be dispatched same day and to be delivered in between 24 and 72 hours - worldwide.
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