Thread unscrewing units

Unscrewing molds are groups of components made for customer-specific applications. They have been on the market in both electrical and hydraulic variants for over 10 years. The Desoi GmbH has been on the cutting edge of this market from the very beginning, both as a manufacturer and patent owner. Thread unscrewing units provide a simple, inexpensive, and highly-reproducible solution for plastic or MiM components requiring internal threading. The molds can be integrated directly into or onto the injection molds and can be operated using the system's existing hydraulics.

The electrical variant using modern servo technology and custom controller is the appropriate solution when electrical injection equipment is in use. The stroke path is defined using a control thread unit made especially for the part by Desoi. The mold's motion can be controlled by the injection equipment's integrated control processor. The fixed motion limit provided by the tool ensures highly reliable and reproducible precision. For most of our thread unscrewing units the control thread unit can be rotated, allowing the thread start point to be adjusted as required.

If a part is to be produced with different threads using the same tool, then separate control thread units can be purchased and swapped out as required. An active core cooling option is available for the thread unscrewing units which significantly reduces cycle times and ensures a higher level of thread quality. The result is faster and more efficient production.


The single thread unscrewing units are used in cases where standard components are needed to form an internal thread. These can be integrated directly into or onto the injection tool..

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Double thread unscrewing units are used in cases where two parts with internal threads on the same level and in the same direction are to be molded simultaneously. The twin-drive unscrewing molds are available in different sizes and axle spacings.


Fourfold thread unscrewing units are used whenever four parts with threads on the same level and with the same direction and pitch are to be molded simultaneously. These fourfold thread unscrewing units are available in the standard variant with a 45 mm (size SR25) or 80 mm (size SR40) axis spacing.
Custom variants with distance between a axis and sizes as requested by the customer are easily feasible thanks to our in-house production and modular system.

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The eightfold thread unscrewing units are used in cases where eight parts with threads on the same level, in the same direction and at the same pitch are to be molded simultaneously. These eightfold thread unscrewing units molds are available in various custom axis spacings and sizes.



Our angle thread unscrewing units do the same job as our single thread unscrewing units, but in locations where space is limited.

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The electric unscrewing mold is an additional solution for the efficient injection molding of one or more parts with internal threads. In this case, the unit tool is driven with an electric servomotor while its movement parameters are controlled by an independent controller.


The temperature filter is a special filter designed for small cooling holes or core coolings. Due to its fine filter cartridge it removes dirt particles out of the cooling circuit which can otherwise cause clogged cooling channels (for example in laser-sintered core-inserts) or early wear of sealing elements in core coolings. The temperature filter is produced out of an acid-resistant stainless steel and brass. Inside the case there is the sinter filter element which is easy to clean in an ultrasonic bath and which can easily be changed.

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