Curtain injection

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Curtain injection

Sealing by gelation, e. g. curtain or surface injection, is a highly effective alternative for the subsequent sealing of engineering and traffic structures as well as for buildings in building and residential construction. A prerequisite for successful subsequent sealing is knowledge of the cause of the moisture damage that has occurred.

Schleier- und Flächeninjektion
Curtain and masonry injection

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Application aim

  • Sealing of structures in contact with the ground or inundated with the ground from the inside out
  • Subsequent sealing of element walls
  • Filling of cavities and cracks (special proof of suitability required)
  • Subsequent sealing of leaking expansion joints
  • Subsequent injection of expansion joints between joint tape and water-resistant component surface

Filling material

  • Acrylate gel

Demands on the injection packers

  • Safe retention in the structural element during the injection at pressures depending on the injection method
  • Corrosion resistance of elements remaining in the structural element
  • Shut off option
  • Cross section adjusted to the required delivery and flow properties of the injection material
  • Check valves for low opening pressure

Demands on injection devices

  • Forced delivery of the components at reliably adjustable mixing ratios
  • Powerful mixing head with check valves and cut off cocks
  • Mixing line suitable for the injection material
  • Separate high-pressure rinsing pump
  • Monitoring and documentation of injection and dosing processes - DESOI w.i.l.m.a., (please request consultation and brochure!)


Suitable objects

  • Houses and industrial structures
  • Civil engineering structures
  • Civil and canal construction
  • Water engineering
  • Tunnelling


Types of packers

  • Bore packers (steel)
  • Drive-in packers (polymer)

Fields of application

  • The untight building component is drilled through from the inside to the outside
  • The low-viscosity, liquid injection material displaces the existing water and forms an elastic sealing layer and / or an elastic injection body, together with the surrounding building ground

Information on the injection methods

  • Injections into the building ground are subject to compulsory notification according to art. § 49 of the Water Resources Act (German abbreviation WHG)
  • Prior to starting any gel injection work, a corresponding notification should be submitted to the competent Lower Water Authority and the Agency for Environmental Protection
  • Construction chemical products should be accompanied by a suitability certificate according to the principles of the evaluation by the German Institute for Building Technology (German abbreviation DIBt)
  • An expert engineer (competent planner) should be appointed with the planning

Injection of expansion joints

  • Leaky expansion joints are usually sealed by partial curtain injection
  • Leaky construction joints are treated like cracks with regard to injections

Support measures

  • Provision of technical advice and recommendations with regard to competent planners and specialists for the execution of the work involved
  • DESOI recommendation; technical specifications
  • DESOI ABC of injection: The reference work for construction experts
  • DESOI technical brochure: Sealing with injection methods
  • WTA information sheet; gel injection 5 – 20
  • STUVA ABI information sheet (edition 2014)
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