What exactly does the word
injection mean?

We are asked this question again and again when we are consulted about the possibility of renovating damaged buildings. During the engineering, technical and vocational training, the complex of waterproofing and especially the subsequent maintenance and repair of buildings by means of injection is hardly dealt with. As a result, technical regulations for the planning and execution of injection work and quality control are interpreted differently. For this reason, we have implemented the idea of an injection ABC. The results of 40 years of practical work as well as the cooperation with construction specialists, engineers, scientists and researchers in construction practice have been incorporated. Numerous suggestions led us to this completely revised 3rd edition of the reference work.

This lexicon of injection thrives on active further development. If you would like to contribute, we would be happy to receive your suggestions and additions at The texts are based on the laws, norms and rules applicable in Germany.
  • results from 40 years
  • technical regulations
  • based on German laws
  • 3rd edition
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