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Adaptable injection profile for sealing leaking expansion joints

The B-PROFILE® with integrated rubber sealing lips is suitable for subsequent sealing of leaking expansion joints by means of injection. It simplifies the work process and reduces the time required compared to conventional methods. The B-PROFILE® can be processed in any length and can be used several times after cleaning.


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Minimal invasive - maximal Effective


Injection of the movement joint is carried out after mounting the B-PROFILE® and inserting the joint injection needle. When the joint injection needle is screwed into the B-PROFILE®, no material is removed; the lateral outlet holes of the joint injection needle remain clean and a free flow of the filler is guaranteed.

The solid material of the B-PROFILE® surrounds the joint injection needle, thus holding and sealing it at the same time. The integrated sealing lips of the joint rubber ensure an impermeable connection to the component, the rubber adapts exactly to the unevenness.

After successful injection, the B-PROFILE® is removed.

Example: Temporarily installed B-PROFILE®


  • Time-saving and safe assembly - no edge chipping
  • No formwork: simple and fast installation and essential reduction of the otherwise necessary traffic restrictions
  • Universally applicable - suitable for almost all joints with a joint width from approx. 5 to 50 mm
  • B-PROFILE® adapts exactly to the building component
  • No material removal when the joint injection needle is screwed into the B-PROFILE®
  • Very good sealing due to the joint injection needle in combination with the B-PROFILE®
  • Reusable


  • All waterproof concrete structures with joints
  • Pedestrian subways
  • Utility ducts
  • Control passages in hydraulic structures or bridges
  • Tunnels in open and closed construction
  • Underground car parks


  • Mineral materials e. g. fine cement,
    filling mortar up to grain size Ø 1 mm
  • Polyurethane resin

B-PROFILE adapts exactly to the component


  • Cut the B-PROFILE® to the desired length, e. g. with a jigsaw
  • Spray with silicone spray to prevent the B-PROFILE® from bonding with the filling material
  • Place in the centre of the expansion joint with the sealing lips facing downwards


  • Place the clamping bars on the profile
  • Using the hammer drill Ø 5 mm, pre-drill the first and last hole of the clamping bar through the B-PROFILE® and the concrete
  • Using the cordless screwdriver (and socket wrench no. 25010), lightly screw in the concrete screws and fix the B-PROFILE, then tighten firmly
  • Pre-drill the remaining holes in the clamping bar and tighten them firmly with the concrete screws
  • Insert the joint injection needle at a distance of approx. 0.5 m with the cordless screwdriver (no. 25014)


  • Start low pressure injection
  • Remove the B-PROFILE after the filling material has hardened

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