The electric thread unscrewing unit is a separate drive for thread demolding on injection molds. The units can be mounted on existing hydraulic or fully electric injection molding machines. For this purpose, a free core pull must be available for controlling the operating unit. The operating and control unit, which is tailored to practical applications, eliminates the need for programming with a separate PC on the injection molding machine.

Elektrische Gewinde-Ausschraubeinheit
Electric thread unscrewing unit

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Anfragenformular Gewinde-Ausschraubeinheit
Form - Request
Thread unscrewing unit

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  • Simple operation and setup
  • Adjustment of the unscrewing distance directly via the limit switch ring (no complex programming necessary)
  • 3 unscrewing speeds available
  • Torque monitoring enables the detection and indication of stiffness, e.g. of the lead thread
  • No referencing in the wrong place
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Soft approach to the contour (on block)
  • High force
  • High running smoothness and repeat accuracy
  • Ideal for clean room production, medical devices and fully electronic injection moulding machines

Technical specifications:
Controller unit and operating panel SR25-4

  • Size: 25 mm
  • Nominal output power: max. 1500 Watt
  • Ambient temperature: max. 104 ° F
  • Supply voltage: 230 V
  • Protection class: IP 44

Servomotor SR25-4

  • Rotational speed: 5.000 rpm
  • Standstill torque: 4,8 Nm
  • Nominal torque: 3,7 Nm
  • Peak torque: 14,4 Nm
  • Ambient temperature: max. 40 ° C
  • Protection class: IP 55
  • Encoder system: Resolver
  • Color: black

Planetary gear SR25-4

  • Different translations possible
  • Standard and angle version

Special version: SR25-8

Special feature
Angled servo drive with a center distance of 45 mm

16-cavity mold, for injection molded parts
with a length of 0 - 20 mm

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