The temperature filter is a special filter designed for small cooling holes or core coolings. Due to its fine filter cartridge it removes dirt particles out of the cooling circuit which can otherwise cause clogged cooling channels (for example in laser-sintered core-inserts) or early wear of sealing elements in core coolings. The temperature filter is produced out of an acid-resistant stainless steel and brass. Inside the case there is the sinter filter element which is easy to clean in an ultrasonic bath and which can easily be changed.

Temperature filter
Temperature filter

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Technical data

  • Connecting thread (two-sided):
    G¼" external or G¾" internal
  • Pressure loss: approx. 10 to 15%
  • Operating temperature: max. 120°C
  • Pressure: max. 8 bar
  • Pore size approx.
    100 µm (± 20 µm)


A manometer upstream of the filter inlet can provide information about the throughput of the filter, so that the filter's degree of congestion can be easily monitored and then cleaned or replaced when necessary. Such a setup is easy to realize with the usual tools. Replacement filters are available. The degree of congestion (or fouling) of the filter is dependent on the quality and purity of the coolant.


Active core cooling is an additional option with which the threading core, spindle, and etc. are cooled, thereby significantly reducing production cycle times and increasing thread quality.
The cooling system has two connections. The rear connection channels coolant, such as water, into the mold housing. Inside the housing there is a cooling pipe that conducts the coolant into the mold core, reducing its temperature. The coolant then flows along the outer layer of the coolant pipe out of the mold core so that it can be returned to the coolant tank through the lower connection.
The active core cooling is equipped with dynamic face seals that can operate at a rotational speed of 6 m/s. Thanks to their compact size of Ø 25, Ø 29 and Ø 54 mm, they are perfect for the cooling of threading cores as well as for other dynamic face seals in small spaces.

Core cooling

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Example Ø 29 mm

The active core cooling with its 3 mm diameter channel delivers a throughput of 6.5 l/min. at a pressure of max. 3 bar.

The system was conceived especially for injection molding applications and easily withstands temperatures from -10 to +120 °C.


The pressure protector reduces the inlet pressure up to 10 bar down to 3 bar, thereby the core elements will be protected. The pressure protector reduces the inlet pressure up to 10 bar down to 3 bar, thereby the core elements will be protected. The output pressure of the pressure protector is fixed by the manufacturer and not adjustable. An advantage for a constant functionality of the core cooling is a temperature filter (No. SR-FI-0001-B.)


  • Constant input pressure


The Desoi flow indicator is used for simple and fast visual process monitoring, e. g. of a temperature control circuit. A blocked cooling channel and the resulting inadequate temperature control of the injection mould can very quickly lead to serious process disturbances, distortion or injection moulding errors (or similar). With the flow indicator, you keep an eye on your temperature control circuit and can thus detect any occlusion / clogging of the cooling channel at an early stage before process faults occur or production is stopped as a result.

Flow indicator

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  • Fast and simple visual monitoring
  • Function even at low flow rates
  • Function even at lowest system pressures
  • Simple and quick installation

Delivery range

  • completely assembled flow indicator with
    special flow nozzle and impeller,
    incl. mounting clips and mounting instruction

Material to be used

  • Water
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