28. June 2019
DESOI Injections-Abc
Third Edition, available now! New design, revised, and including new terms.
The subjects of construction sealing, building maintenance, and the preservation of buildings through injection are hardly mentioned during the education of engineers and other specialists. The result is that technical guidelines for the planning and execution of injection projects and quality control are interpreted in different ways.
In our continuing effort to address this deficit, we have published our newest edition of the "Injection Abc". It is the result of 40 years of practical work, during which we have been working together with construction specialists, engineers, scientists and researchers in the field of construction. A multitiude of suggestions and ideas have motivated us to create this completely revised third edition of our definitive reference work.
The "Injection Abc" is available in German, and will soon be available in English and French as well. Order now!
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