Anchor system


The often laborious process of repairing masonry requires a thorough knowledge of the wall structure. Wherever a force-fit connection across the edges of a crack are needed, the DESOI Spiral Anchor System provides an ideal solution.

Our certified anchoring system consists of a spiral anchoring bar and the applicable mortar. Our Brick and Mortar Saw is an ideal cutting tool for masonry, offering extraordinary control and precision.
For those situations where the fassade and the wall are insufficiently connected, we offer the DESOI Anchor Plus W, which is able to brace against horizontal forces. In addition, we have developed a load test device specifically for these kinds of applications. Our tensible anchor system is ideal for the gentle restoration of buildings under historical preservation.

The DESOI Anchor Stocking prevents material from escaping cracks or other hollow spaces that need filling. The stocking is pulled over the anchor and sealed with a strap at the end.

DESOI Threaded Piles enable the foundations for new buildings to be completed very quickly on almost any kind of ground.

The annulus packer is used for the injection and simultaneous purging of air when using rod anchors. Our tension controller can be of critical importance while supporting buildings.