Anchor system


Wherever the connection facing and loadbearing wall does not – or partly not – exist anymore, the DESOI spiral anchor system Anchor Plus W is the ideal solution. The system consists of the DESOI Anchor Plus W and the DESOI anchor mortar.

The DESOI Anchor Plus W is screwed into the anchor mortar. The twist of the spiral anchor produces a higher adhesive bond between the two system components. The thixotropic consistency prevents the anchor mortar from flowing into the cavities. The DESOI Anchor Plus W of austenitic stainless steel has a nominal diameter of 8 mm and is available in pre-cuts of between 180 mm and 400 mm (steps of 20 mm).

Application Anchor Plus W


  • Minimal penetration into the masonry
  • Can be used for all types of masonry, concrete
  • Absorption of tensile and shearing forces

Range of application

  • Double wythe masonry/cavity walls
  • Rehabilitation of masonry
  • Rear-ventilated facade

Examples of application

  • Additional anchoring
  • Additional anchoring of double wythe masonry/cavity walls
Application Anchor Plus W


The rehabilitation of masonry requires comprehensive knowledge of the structural condition. The anchoring must be planned and dimensioned by an expert. Acc. to DIN 1053-1:1996-11, section 8.4.3, table 11, the minimum number of anchors is 5 per m².


Anchor load test

The load test should be carried out at minimum 5 anchors per wall surface and is considered successful if the test load of 1.5 kN in the load bearing wall:

  •  5 x load test: 0.5 mm
  • 10 x load test: 1.1 mm

for load bearing masonry wall: 1.0 mm for load bearing concrete wall, is not exceeded.

Additional anchoring

Additional anchoring with the

DESOI Spiral Anchor system Anchor Plus W

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