Injection system


The clamping packer is for the sealing insert, e.g. tunneling. With it, all mineral-based injection materials and injection resins can be injected safely and quickly. An improved clamping system prevents damage to the retaining rings.

Clamping packer
Clamping packer


The clamping packer is suitable to be used for sealing operations, for example in tunneling. It allows a safe and fast injection of all injection materials on mineral basis as well as injection resins. The clamping packer B is clamped using the steel screw coupling.

DESOI Spannpacker B

The bayonet coupling

is an easily unlockable mechanical connection of two tubular parts. The tubular parts are fitted into each other and are locked and unlocked by running in counter directions.


  • Easy and simple handling
  • Free passage Ø 20 mm
  • O-ring seal
  • The bayonet coupling is a further development of the approved quick snap.

Diameter clamping packer and diameter bore hole

Clamping packer - Diameter packer and bore hole
DESOI Spannpacker B

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