Joint seal

DESOI QUICK SEAL - Sealing and injection profile

With the new system two processes are combined in one product to achieve a safe sealing of construction joints, building separation joints, and expansion joints (movement joints). A reliable joint renovation or waterproofing of waterproof concrete structures can thus be guaranteed. The flexible, 7-segment sealing and injection profile is inserted in the joint, clamped, and injected with an chemical filling material. The sealing and injection profile is separable and appropriate for joint widths between 18 and 26 mm.

DESOI Quick Seal - Sealing and injection profile


  • Safe sealing of joints
  • Time saving - time-consuming drilling for drill packers is no longer necessary
  • No edge chipping
  • No auxiliary constructions, such as formwork etc. required
  • Flexible, variable segments - easy installation
  • Separable after each segment 300 mmAbsatzAbsatz


  • Insert the first segment of the DESOI Quick Seal in the leaking joint and tighten the tightening nut and the tightening and injection tube using a cordless screw driver (socket wrench). Thus the sealing profile (elastic) is compressed and fixed in the joint. Continue with the following segments.
  • After all segments have been installed, screw the pan head nipples M6 on the tightening and injection tubes.
  • If necessary, obturate gaps with rectangular packers - placing in joint and clamping with the quick acting butterfly nut (see page 3).
  • Start the injection work.
DESOI Quick Seal installed

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