Curtain injection


A subsequent sealing method proven in practice in tunnelling, for civil engineering structures, houses and industrial buildings, parking garages, civil engineering and canal canalisation and hydraulic engineering. The masonry injection with acrylate gel (hydro structure resin) provides a sealing from the inside of ground contact in structures or structures covered with earth as well as the filling of leaking areas such as cracks, voids, hollows and joints. Suitable injection technology and injection packers and a restructuring plan issued by planners ensure the success of structural waterproofing.

Demand for the injection packer

  • Safe retention in the structural element during the injection at pressures depending on the injection method
  • Corrosion resistance of elements in the structural elements
  • Shut-off option
  • Cross section adjusted to the required delivery and flow properties of the injection material
  • Check valves for low opening pressure


  • Bore holes are drilled into the leaking structural element from the inside to the outside according to a specific, object-related drilling scheme.
  • The packers are inserted into the boreholes and injected.
  • The building is surrounded by the soil/sand. The gel curtain penetrates into the pore structure and forms a mixture that prevents the water from accessing into the construction or expansion joints.

Injection packers

  • Packers (steel packer)
  • Drive-in packer (polymer packer)
Masonry injection (gel injection)
Masonry injection (gel injection) DESOI

Applications for subsequent sealing

  • Curtain injection into the soil
  • Injection of movement joints
  • Injection in spaces between structures
  • The low-viscosity, liquid injection material displaces the existing water, and forms an elastic sealing layer and/or an elastic injection body, together with the surrounding building ground.

Suitable objects

  • Tunneling
  • Civil engineering structure
  • Houses and industrial structures (cellars, basement floors)
  • Parking garage
  • Underground engineering and sewer construction (wastewater facilities, subway)
  • Hydraulic engineering (locks, chambers, inspection walkways)
Curtain injection and masonry injection

Curtain injection and masonry injection

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