Curtain injection


With the DESOI Flow Control II devices and the matching equipment, injection and dosing processes are electronically recorded. During the injection process, the data can be checked and then digitally processed. The DESOI Flow Control II devices permanently monitor the injection pressure, consumption rate and mixing ratio. In case of deviations or if the set values have been reached, a buzzer is activated and the injection device stops or can be stopped. Based on the record sheet the course of injection becomes traceable for each single packer. Thus, a sound documentation of the injection work performed can be presented to the customer.

Flow Control Display

Advantages for planners and constructors

The DESOI Flow Control II devices ensure that the determined consumption rates and specified technical parameters are permanently monitored and observed, e. g. mixing ratio and injection pressure. The matching equipment is reliable, robust, field-proven and allows a high injection quality. On demand, the system can be customised project- and use-oriented.

DESOI Flow Control II documents

  • Actual material consumption per packer (except PUH stroke counter)
  • Mixing ratio (except PUH / Z)
  • Injection pressure per packer
  • Injection time per packer
  • Order of injection
  • Number of re-injections
  • Date and time of injection

DESOI offers the following services

  • Individual technical consulting
  • Expert on-site instruction on the system
  • Hiring of the systems

Material to be used

  • Acrylate gel
  • PU and silicat resins
  • Mineral material (Cement)
Pneumatic reciprocating pump with Flow Control
DESOI Flow Control II

DESOI Flow Control II
Recording and documentation of injection and dosing processes

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Advice and order processing

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