Wood preservation


Wood protection comprises all measures preventing the destruction of wood or wooden constructions. Infestation with real dry rot is a serious building defect according to the german civil code. Normally a superficial treatment is not enough so that injection methods have to be applied.


  • Pressure injection allows optimal distribution in wood and masonry
  • Spray coating and foam coating allows optimal distribution on surfaces and in gaps
  • Standardised injection technique and packer assortment
  • Special packers can be manufactured according to the individual application
  • Injection devices and packers will be combined with the relevant material


  • Protection against insect attack and fungual decay
  • Insect control and control of fungual decay
  • Improvement of fire protection
  • Increase of resistance against fungus or insect attack and
  • Increase of durability
  • Protection against negative influence of water and humidity
  • Protection against dry rot attack (masonry)
Holzschutzinjektion mit Einschlagkopf

Further information

  • For wood preservation and dry rot preservation experts authorized according to DIN 68800 should furnish a technical inspection report together with a restoration concept
  • The compatibility of wood preservatives with mortar should be verified by laboratory tests
  • Further recommendations can be taken from WTA data sheets



  • Well-directed material application in one working cycle
  • The material sticks to the building material so that it is allowed to penetrate over a longer time
  • Minimal material loss
  • Can be used for all injection devices
  • Multi-shell masonry or masonry with hollows and voids
  • Active substances are applied on surfaces of wood and masonry
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DESOI Drehkopfdüse


  • Rotary head nozzle: The rotary nozzle distributes the material into all directions and even in smallest spaces
  • Stabilizing weight: It is especially suitable for use in chimneys etc.
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