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Stay up to date with regular training, which we offer in the form of a variety of in-house professional seminars. For more than 20 years injection technology seminars have maintained a high priority within the company.

In addition to the "in-house" seminars, we offer customized events at your office or on site in order to provide information regarding technological innovations and their applications in theory and practice.

How do I inject correctly? - "Injection for users"


Sealing against capillary ascending moisture

  • Causes and consequences of moisture
  • Failure analysis on buildings
  • Procedure for horizontal sealing
  • Working steps of horizontal sealing
  • Injection technique
  • WTA leaflets for horizontal sealing


Curtain injection / masonry injection

  • Application of curtain and masonry injection
  • Sealing in structural elements
  • Sealing behind or below structural elements
  • Technology for individual processes
  • Tests with non-cohesive and cohesive ground
  • Pictures of curtain injection
  • Application examples of leaking expansion joints


Crack injection and subsequent sealing in wall / base area

  • Aim of crack repair
  • Procedure for crack repair
  • Materials for crack injection and application
  • Identify causes of cracks on buildings
  • Technology for crack injections
  • Crack injection in practice
  • Subsequent sealing in wall / base area
  • Application examples (leaking joints)
  • Standards, rules, regulations for crack injection


Repairing with the DESOI Spiral Anchor System

  • Identify causes of cracks on buildings
  • Application and accessories of the Spiral Anchor System
  • Extract from the test report by MPA Brunswick and the investigation report by MFPA Leipzig
  • Crack repair for masonry
  • Anchoring
  • Needling


DESOI Stocking for anchor system

  • Application and elements
  • Connection of separated wythes
  • Securing and needling of single- and multi-wythe masonry
  • Securing of cracked structural elements

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DESOI specialist seminars
DESOI specialist seminars
DESOI specialist seminars