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As the world’s leading manufacturer of and expert on injection technology, we place the greatest emphasis on building trust and creating satisfaction in all our work with customers. In that spirit we wanted to create something special with our new DESOI product catalog. This 15th edition features a new organization and a number of additional extras. Our products are organized according to real-world practical applications for the first pages, allowing you to search for your current challenge and to find the best possible solution, the right products and the most helpful accessories to get it taken care of. We have made as much of our decades of experience and know-how available to you and brought together all of our product and application information. Our new injection equipment sets provide you the best-possible overview of all of our machines and the accessories that match them. The sets make it easy to understand the equipment, the material hoses that work best with it, and the most suitable mixing head or injection pistol. Finally, the last section of the catalog describes our injection equipment in more detail. While the first part of the catalog lets you find the equipment best suited for the practical challenges you face, the last section informs you about all the detailed aspects of that equpment. As you see, we have spared ourselves no effort to provide you with a practice-oriented, maximally-useful product catalog that presents not only products but also a wealth of knowledge about the science and art of injection technology. If you too are interested in getting your own copy of our product catalog just contact us or request it here. The catalog is available in German/English or German/French language versions.